I spoke to the church pastor, and then I left, and Fred looked at me and asked me what the pastor said.  I just looked at him. Then I told Fred I wanted to go back again. 

The church was a shack with a tin roof and it was very very hot, and the ceiling had holes in it from where the rain had rusted through the steel, and so everything was dark except for these little holes where the light came through. I decided I would ask one question.

I asked my question to the pastor and he told me a very long answer about fire and secret words that God told him, and so on, and he revealed that God spoke to him, and he spoke about the dragon, and the dust, and the sick people and the poor people, and he talked about the time after this time, and then he said "Heaven is here!" and he pointed to the floor, he hit the table, "Hell is right here!"