The United Nations needed a way to share information about terrorism

The Challenge:

The world faces terrorism on a daily basis, but providing a cohesive global response is almost impossible.  Countries and organizations have trouble sharing information when it is needed most, and many countries hesitate to share what they know for political reasons.

The Global Counter-Terrorism Task Force, a working group at the United Nations, wanted to change this.


The solution:

Build an app that allows nations to share data and collaborate on solutions

We needed to show the power of data.  To bring the leadership of nations together, we developed an interactive platform for the United Nations.  The platform, called the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Knowledge Hub, turns the data already gathered into sleek interactive features.  The features are then paired with deep research to show the huge potential of knowledge sharing.  

This project was then presented at the United Nations, as a look into the future of collaboration between countries, and the war against terrorism.



The project received a great reception at the UN, and brought leaders together around the potential for data sharing.  Data collection numbers bumped up, and the Knowledge Hub itself became a central location to pair this powerful information with deep scholarly research and international best practices.  We're still pushing forward!


Client: Asser Institut, International Center for Counter-Terrorism. Collaboration with Vignette Interactive.