*Unless otherwise noted, role includes Branding, UX, and Visual Design.


Oxycoin O.C.E.A.N. Rollout

Oxycoin is a leading blockchain company.  This landing page was designed to announce their new full spectrum blockchain platform, and to count down to the full site (coming soon)



Foreign Terrorist Fighters Knowledge Hub

Private application that tracks data related to terrorism and foreign fighters.  Allows international collaboration between ministers of state and think tanks to evaluate policy and monitor new developments. Produced for the United Nations General meeting in collaboration with the Asser Institut and International Center for Counter-Terrorism, the Hague.

Role: Branding, Creative Director. Done in collaboration with Vignette Interactive. 

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Pulpee is an innovative note-taking app.  It allows users to link words or phrases in a document to sub notes, so that complex to-do lists, project notes, and idea trees can stay organized.  We are also developing the app itself. Coming soon!


Kid Tiger

Kid Tiger was tired of seeing kids' clothes with violent themes or designs plucked from big-budget pop culture.  We set out to design a line of clothes for kids that were about more than just looking cool.  The shirts focus on saving rare rainforest parrots, learning about space travel, and teaching kids to be as creative as possible. The shirts' tags are all fully-illustrated books that teach help the kids explore the topic further, and Kid Tiger partners with global charities such as New Zealand Kakapo Rescue to support progress in the real world.


BARQ Systems

Branding and digital for company providing digital security services to banks in Dubai, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The brief was to brand the company to pivot into new markets and a new suite of services.



Machine Party

Startup focused on creating an online market for industrial parts. Produced an app that allowed live trading of parts and provided a financing option for purchasing departments.




Startup focused on creating a digital jobs board for private school teachers and tutors.




Arrayent is a Silicon Valley based company focuses on the Internet of Things.  The objective for this website redesign and icon set was to clarify how their technology could benefit end users, and to highlight their case studies.

Brand was in place at the start of the project.



The Ryan Academy is a school for entrepreneurs run by the founders of Ryan Air.  This website was aimed at growing their profile and solidifying a connection with alumni and prospective students.