There was a man with the power to fight demons.  He worked in a small shack, and there wasa woman waiting anxiously outside.  She stepped over a chicken, and into a room with an alter and pictures of Jesus and Mary on the walls.  Her three sons came in and sat on the couch.  They touched their faces and looked around.  They seemed nervous.


The man who could fight demons put on a purple robe.  Everyone kneeled and prayed to God.  Then the man who could fight demons stood up in front of the lady, who was still kneeling. He shouted up to heaven for the angels to come down.  The woman held a candleThe man who could fight demons had an assistant.  They shouted up to God.  Sometimes they whistled or cried.


A chicken wandered in.  The man who could fight demons kicked it. He lifted the chicken up and threw it through the curtain into the other room.  He laughed.  Then he went back to fighting demons.





“It gets crazy,” Fred told me.  “Oh, they roll on the floor.  They scream, they shout.”


“What’s wrong with her?” I asked him.


“She’s been sick,” he said.  “For four years.”






The next day, we went back and visited the man who could fight demons again.  His church was full of broken gambling machines, broken audio mixers, etc.  He had some of them opened up.  When he was working on electronics, he wore street clothes.  He kept the pictures of Jesus and Mary on the wall. He wiped his face with a cloth.  “Which is harder to fix?” I asked him.  “People or electronics?”


People were easy, he said.  Electronics were hard.