Fred had a poster in his house called “The Ten Golden Secrets of Marriage.”  Rule #5 was TO MARRY IS TO DECLARE WAR.  There was another poster on his wall of a little kid pointing at the camera.  It said BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART, FOR THEY WILL SEE GOD.



Once we were going through an area of garbage and cloth doors. We came to a quiet place.  There was a woman standing there with a baby in her arms.  She handed the baby to Fred, and Fred rocked the baby in his arms.  “This is the woman I told you about,” he said.  “My wife.”

She looked at me.  She seemed annoyed with Fred in a secret way, as if, if I wasn’t there, it might have been different.  A drunk man wearing a neon tracksuit stumbled into the quiet place.  He started talking to Fred in Swahili. Fred gave the baby back to the lady, and then we walked off with this stumbling drunk man. Fred told me the man was lost, because he was trying to buy weed but there was no weed where we were standing.  So Fred went to show the lost man where to buy weed.