"This is what crypto is all about"

The challenge:

Oxycoin had a successful ICO based on some incredible blockchain technology.  Their vision was to create an application that would make it simple to buy, sell, and trade crypto-currencies.  The only problem?  They were a company with amazing tech, but they didn't exactly look the part.  


Step 1: Branding

The Oxycoin brand was remade to be more modern, open, and authoritative. Trust and authority is crucial for crypto startups, so the brand was designed to capture the authority of a bank, and the energy of a startup.







As the project developed, we also developed sub-brands to help communicate Oxycoin's growing list of products, and to explain and simplify the techy wizardry that made the project so attractive to investors. 



Step 2: Product

Oxycoin began as an app company, so we designed an app.  Working closely with the Oxycoin team, we designed a crypto-currency app built on their stunning backend.  Later, when the vision expanded beyond the app to include a full-service crypto platform, we gave it a name, its own identity and helped tell the world what the platform could do. 



Oxycoin App

Designed to be the easiest, most secure, and most powerful way to but and sell cryptocurrencies, the Oxycoin App is set to release soon.  



O.C.E.A.N. is the Oxycoin platform, a powerful collection of tools and modules that can be used by banks and other companies to integrate crypto into their businesses.  Make Believe provided the branding, naming, and some strong conceptual framework to help market this idea.  What began as a very complex, very technical, vision, is now a simple, exciting concept. 



Step 3: Roll out

The platform was announced with a new web presence befitting a leading crypto company.  The app, which we also designed, is due out in September.  The app's mission is to be the simplest, most powerful crypto app on the market. 

new beginning123.png