Two witch doctors lived in a small shack.  Like all shacks in Kibera, it had a tin roof.  It was about ten foot by ten foot.  The walls were mud.  Out front there was a wobbly rock that served as a step up a steep slope.  There were a few accoutrements of witch-doctoring on the table.  When we entered, these were hidden away.  A witch doctor could cure anything, not just heath issues.  If your business failed or you fought with your wife, you could be given a ritual to perform, but sometimes the rituals were impossible.  For example, you might be asked to find a pure black hen, even though there was no such chicken in Kibera.  

That’s how powerful the magic was.  

The home of the witch doctors was destroyed by rain.  The tin roof had holes in it, the ceiling looked like stars.  Whenever it rained, homes got destroyed.  Roads washed away, and so on.