Finding our center

The challenge:

How can yoga, tai chi, and healthy eating be turned into a profitable business in Cairo, one of the world's most unhealthy cities? How can you overcome cultural resistance to these activities, and integrate them into peoples' daily routines?


Branding: Look the part

The brand needed to explain yoga, massage and acupuncture in a way that made sense in Cairo.  The name Nūn was the first step towards cracking cultural resistance. "Nūn" is a letter in the Arabic alphabet, and the letter itself symbolizes spirituality and holistic thought.  To carry the message further, the logo was designed so that it read as "Nūn" in English when turned one way and as "Nūn" in Arabic when turned the other.  The brand DNA was bi-lingual, allowing it to be a bridge between the offering and the client base. 

We chose the tagline "Your center," to position ourselves as a place to get away from the hectic city. The brand was organic, fresh, and clean.  It created the feeling of an oasis in a busy, dirty city.

springfestival (1).png

Activation: Change lives

In order to market Nūn, we set up a weekly Farmer's Market.  Fresh, local, organic food was perfectly on brand, and brought in thousands of people who were perfectly in our demographic.  During the market, we offered free children's lessons, and trial massage and yoga for adults.  Social media interaction and class signups boomed.

We also hosted art exhibitions, which not only brought in new clients, but provided sizable additional income to the center. 



Nūn Center overcame resistance and became a focal point for Cairo social life.  

The center now has thousands of regular clients, more reach on social media, and has been able to expand into lucrative partnerships, retreat services, and a larger space.